Doug McMillon on the Relaunch of Walmart World


After 50 years of celebrating associates, Walmart World is becoming an all-digital publication


It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since Sam Walton first published the newsletter that would eventually become Walmart World. Back then, it was eight pages long, typed on the front and back of four sheets of paper. It had updates on operations, associate recognitions and a message from Mr. Sam. The first edition even included a competition asking associates to come up with a cover design and name.


Since then, that newsletter has become a worldwide publication. And even though it has evolved over the years, it’s always had the same purpose that led Sam to create that first newsletter—to strengthen the Walmart culture through stories that inspire us and unite us.


The relaunch of Walmart World as an all-digital publication is an exciting evolution in Walmart’s tradition of storytelling.


This new approach won’t just tell stories, it will create experiences that bring those stories to life in new ways. It will elevate the way we celebrate our successes, find inspiration from each other and learn about the innovations that are enabling us to create the future of retail. And it will do this at a time when the need to connect is more important than ever.


We’re on this Walmart journey together, and it’s an honor to work alongside each of you. Thank you for what you’ve done and for what you will continue to do. This next chapter of our company is exciting. As we build for the future, we’ll create amazing stories along the way, and we’ll experience them together as they come to life through!

Doug McMillon