Like Mother, Like Daughter … Like Grandmother!

Women of WMW

This multigenerational crew of women will be celebrating Mother’s Day together, on the clock.


Ask Natatia Starnes what she likes about working at Walmart and she says, “I love the family atmosphere.”


Of course, lots of people talk about their coworkers at Walmart as family. But for Natatia, the family atmosphere goes a little further—because her mother and her grandmother actually work with her!


Natatia is a CAP1 Walmart associate at Store 936 in Effingham, Illinois. Her mother, Tabatha Starnes, started the family trend 16 years ago when she started at Walmart as a cashier.


Tabatha moved to automotive, then to the business center, the vision center and everywhere in between. Now back in automotive, Tabatha is the department manager, and says, “My favorite thing about working here is my customers.”


She adds with a smile, “I love seeing my family, don’t get me wrong, but I really do enjoy seeing different people all the time!”


The most recent family addition is Debra Lynn Kraus, Tabatha’s mom and Natatia’s grandma. She came to work at Store 936 a year ago and loves it. The work is less stress and better pay than her previous job—plus, there’s that special perk. “I see my granddaughter now more than I have in probably years,” Debra says.


For this Mother’s Day, they plan to take advantage of their unique situation. “It’s a Sunday, and we’re all on,” Tabatha says. “We’ll be having lunch for Mother’s Day!”


It’s a fitting celebration for a family that works together, staying close and connected and supportive. Though Natatia is quick to point out that it won’t outshine the absolute greatest Mother’s Day they’ve ever had: “I was born on Mother’s Day,” Natatia explains. It’s pretty hard to top that.


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!