When Drive Pays Off

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Durpatie Singh thrives on learning, growing and passing it on!


As any associate can tell you, working at Walmart brings friends, a career and ongoing education of all kinds.


In her five years as a Walmart associate, Durpatie Singh walked in a cap and gown for the first time. She was promoted. And, thanks to her coworkers, she even learned to drive.


“One of my friends was waiting to clock out, and she noticed I didn’t have a ride,” Durpatie explains. “I told her that I wasn’t able to drive. I remember her saying, ‘I’m here for you, I will teach you to drive.’” Durpatie smiles as she remembers, “We worked on driving every single week on my day off.”


Now the proud holder of a driver’s license and the owner of a car, Durpatie doesn’t walk to work anymore. And she’s gone on to even more learning, at Walmart’s newest Academy, number 202, at Store 2695 in Clermont, Florida.


Learning Doesn’t Stop

Walmart Academies—stores that offer associates learning opportunities—are nestled inside 202 Walmart stores around the nation.


Durpatie is just one of many associates who’ve benefited. In fact, 75% of Walmart’s store management teams began as hourly associates. The Walmart Academies help by training associates in foundational leadership, with courses on empathy, empowering a team, managing conflict and understanding values-based decision making.


Associates Go for Greatness

As a member of the first graduating class at Walmart Academy 202, Durpatie is thrilled to be taking on her new role as front-end lead at Store 2695.


“The Academy taught me how to be sympathetic for all the little things that happen to associates up front,” she says. “Each day, I say hello. I ask them how they’re doing. You never know what someone is going through, and if you smile and help associates feel good, they’ll always pass it on.”


Like her own experience learning to drive, and leveling up her leadership at a Walmart Academy, Durpatie is passing it on.