Leaving Her Mark as a Leader


For Roxane Ducasse, Walmart provided new experiences in retail and leadership.

With five years of experience working for the Canadian government and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Queen’s University, Roxane Ducasse could have pursued many different opportunities.


In 2016, she opted for a job at Walmart Canada, where a leadership initiative gave her the experience and personal development she craved. The program led candidates through a variety of positions over a three-year period, starting with two years of in-store job experience.


On the Ground Floor

“It scared me completely, I would say, but at the same time I was excited,” the Ontario resident explains, noting she had never worked in retail before coming to Walmart. “It was all about personal development. It was a time to develop those skills and build that backbone in order to fulfill the position.”


Roxane started with a stint at Store 1056 in Oshawa, where she rotated through a variety of positions, including cashier, in the deli and in receiving. The next year, she co-managed superstore 3113 in Whitby, an experience she calls the highlight of her career so far.


“I got to work with the associates directly on the ground floor,” she says. “I was able to have a direct impact on the team.”


That included watching associates advance into management positions or grow into larger management roles. “You get to watch them grow and accompany them on that journey and support them.” That support included helping them identify and figure out how to get through roadblocks. “It helped develop me as a leader,” says Roxane.


A Two-Way Street

In addition to guidance she received from her two store managers, Roxane was also mentored by a Walmart senior leader. She is still connected with her mentor, who checks in every couple of months—even during Roxane’s recent maternity leave.


Now a project manager for end-to-end supply chain, Roxane herself has also served as a mentor for other leadership trainees coming up through Walmart’s ranks. She calls the mentoring experience a “two-way street.”


“As much as I’m able to give back, I also learn from them,” she says. “I'm able to use that knowledge to improve my work and also improve my personal growth.”


Roxane recommends Walmart associates be aware of their environment and not to be afraid to share ideas for positive changes. Senior leaders are often open to hearing ideas and providing associates the support they need.


“If you see something that could be improved or you have suggestions, don't be afraid to say it, no matter how crazy.”  


Roxane says Walmart has helped shape her ideas about the kind of mark she wants to leave on people she works with. She wants her legacy to be not just her good work ethic, but also her leadership.


“I want to leave a reputation of being someone who not only looked at her work, but looked at the whole team as a whole, to see how to bring the team forward all together, and how to unlock those roadblocks for the team,” Roxane says.