Walmart’s Beauty Merchant Introduces Our Latest Skincare Line

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Julia Turley talks with Bubble founder Shai Eisenman to learn what makes the brand's products unique.


If given the choice, most of us would not go back to being a teenager. It’s a time filled with hormones, angst and—for many—acne. Starting today, there’s a new line to address the unique skincare needs of young skin. It’s called Bubble, and it’s now available in Walmart stores nationwide and on


Walmart beauty merchant Julia Turley (pictured above) just celebrated 20 years with the company. When she started at Walmart, she was a computer programmer and then decided to learn more about the merchandising side of the business—talk about a career pivot!


“I love this company because you truly can do whatever you want if you have a desire to learn, a sense of urgency to serve your customers and flexibility to adapt to change,” she says. Now Julia’s helping to launch Bubble nationwide and bring an incredible brand to customers.


Julia sat down with Bubble founder Shai Eisenman (pictured below) to hear how the brand came to be.

Bubble founder Shai Eisenman

Julia: Shai, we are so excited about carrying Bubble at Walmart! What led you to start a skincare line designed specifically for young skin?


Shai: When we started Bubble, we looked around the skincare aisle and realized the options hadn’t changed much since we were young. It was mostly the same stuff our moms used. Instead of making assumptions, we started by talking to 6,000 teens and young adults about what they were looking for in a skincare routine.


Julia: What did you learn?


Shai: We heard their needs weren’t being met. They didn’t feel like there was a modern skincare line that addressed their needs. We also learned that young people today don’t necessarily want a complicated 10-step skincare regimen. Instead, they want a simple routine that addresses their concerns and a brand that reflects their values.


Julia: Oh, interesting. How did the team go about meeting that challenge?


Shai: We spent two years working with dermatologists and product developers to create the best formulas. We often say that our products are rooted in plants and perfected by science. We take the best natural ingredients and combine with effective, skin-safe synthetics. Our ingredient standards are among the strictest in the industry, and all our products are fully vegan, cruelty-free and research-driven. We also work with a group of people ages 14 to 24 to test the products, ensuring they work to clear, treat and balance skin.

Bubble skincare products

Julia: The brand is also fully gender neutral, which is a big deal.


Shai: From the very beginning, we were committed to making skincare for everyone. That means being affordable, accessible and for people of every gender and skin tone. We are a brand for every teen and young adult in the country, so it’s important to be available to absolutely everyone, too. That is why we’re excited to work with Walmart.


Julia: Over 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart. That must allow you to reach a hugely diverse audience.


Shai: Right, and that’s important when it comes to the accessibility of the product. We’ve known since launch that buying online is a challenge for some younger people—whether they didn’t have their own credit card or because their parents didn’t trust an online-only brand they hadn’t heard of. Being in Walmart stores really makes the product more inclusive and accessible.


Julia: The teen years can be so tough. Tell us about Bubble’s commitment to mental health.


Shai: The well-being of teens and young adults is the most important issue to us. It’s the reason we created Bubble. Sometimes a daily skincare routine can be a method of self-care, but for us the issue is so much deeper than that. We’re not experts in mental health, but we try to educate and normalize talking about mental health struggles. We also donate 1% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that support young people struggling with mental health issues.

Julia: Love that. My teen years are behind me, but I will tell you I love the Slam Dunk moisturizer, and I am beyond thrilled about this launch.


Shai: We are, too! The Walmart team has been a pleasure to work with, and we are excited to be setting a new standard for skincare together.