Work Hard, Play Hard

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Meet Diana Marshall, the EVP of the Southwest BU with a passion for running, singing karaoke and creating opportunity for all! 

When we caught up with Diana Marshall, she was home after being on the road to meet her new team. She’s been doing a lot of travel since starting as the Executive Vice President of the Southwest BU in February 2022.


Diana’s been visiting some of the 750 supercenters in her 12-state region. “It's fun getting into stores and meeting my new team!” Diana says with a smile.


Luckily, Diana brings a lot of energy to her new role. In fact, her motto for life is, “Work hard, play hard.” And it’s clear she lives that motto to the fullest.


At Work

Diana joined Walmart right out of college more than 17 years ago. She began her career as a replenishment trainee in consumables and went on to work on replenishment in general merchandise. She also led merchandising teams across many divisions prior to this role.


Today, she’s looking forward to focusing on this new role at Walmart and turning the corner on the challenges of these last few years.


“We were going through supply chain challenges and working through integrating stores and e-commerce,” she says. “I'm excited to get to see the other side and make sure that we are being thoughtful about how we serve not only our in-store customers, but also our digital customers even better this year. I’m also really excited about growing our Walmart+ membership and improving our customer and member experience.”


Diana is also on the national board of directors for NextUp, an organization with a mission that she is passionate about: taking down barriers for women in the workplace.


It’s in this group that Diana explores questions like, “How do we make sure that we're creating opportunity for everyone? How do we make sure that as women go through life changes, they have help and leadership and guidance?” One of her big lessons as a working mom is that it takes a village to raise children and be successful at work.


Diana brings that passion for creating opportunity to Walmart. “The Women’s Resource Group and mentoring groups are great resources. I’m also excited to be on the operations side, and hopefully be able to listen and learn what challenges exist and how I can help make a difference or make suggestions to our leadership on any changes to ensure that we can have everyone excelling.”


At Play

Diana’s passion extends beyond the workplace. “I really like to have fun!” Her life includes two boys who play baseball and basketball. Diana also loves boating with her family, dancing and running. She tries to travel to a few half-marathons each year. (Her favorite place to run so far? Glacier National Park—“the first few miles were uphill, but it was worth it because the views were so breathtaking!”)


“One of the things that my team has laughed the most about as they learned about me is that I love karaoke,” she says. “I have a karaoke machine, and some Tuesday nights, you'll find me and my boys putting on our own performances in our living room.”


At Heart: A People Person

The energy Diana brings to her Tuesday performances might just match the energy level she brings to her job. And for good reason. What she loves about Walmart is what she values most about her own career—how the company invests in its associates.


“I’ve done more in my first 17 years than I ever thought I’d do in my whole career. It’s because I’ve had great mentors—people who have invested in me. The thing I love the most is all the people I’ve met along the way and the connection and partnership that I’ve been able to experience!”