Born, Raised and Growing With Walmart

Supply Chain

As a second-generation Walmart associate, Jennifer has learned a lot about herself in 21 years with the company.

Jennifer Donner joined Walmart as a DC breakpack associate in Buckeye, Arizona, in 2001. She gained experience in a variety of roles—backhaul coordinator, logistics load manager and freight flow operations manager, to name a few. And her hard work paid off: Today, she is general transportation manager (GTM) at Transportation Office 6819 in Loveland, Colorado.

People joke that Jennifer “bleeds blue” because of her love for Walmart. Jennifer's brother even works for the company, as a GTM in Pageland, South Carolina. And that’s not all! “Both of my parents worked here. At one point, all eight people in my family worked here!”

Growing up, Jennifer remembers dressing as a clown and painting faces at Walmart events. Now, she and her husband Levi are raising daughters in the world of Walmart.

“I’m very thankful that Walmart provides our family with so many great opportunities,” she says.

Learning Experience

After 21 years with Walmart, Jennifer has learned a lot! Here are a few of those lessons:

  • Believe in yourself: “We tend to hold ourselves back from growth opportunities. You don’t know your full potential until you try. Anything you want to do—it’s achievable. Stay open to feedback and growth.”

  • The sky’s the limit with careers at Walmart: “We have supportive leaders who challenge us. Lean on them to guide your career choices. My RTM, Kelly Kruse, has given me opportunities that both allowed me to grow and let me fail. I’ve learned so much from that.”

  • Include family members in career decisions: “Before applying for any position, I discuss it with my family. We pray about it and let the Lord guide us. Our daughters understand that by helping out at home, they support my career.”

  • Serve your community: “Walmart allows us to do that every single day. Serving our customers and Walmart family is a privilege. It fills my cup every day.”

  • Women can succeed in male-dominated fields: “I don’t believe being a woman restricts your career. It takes hard work and dedication. Women bring so much to every team we’re on.”

  • Grow from what you go through: “A mentor told me this. I share it with my team and my daughters. I share my failures, too. We all make mistakes—and that’s okay. Learn from them, and you’ll keep getting better.”

  • Focus on the positive: “Don’t let failures determine your future. It’s easy to focus on the negative. Instead, I challenge you to write down three things you did well today. At end-of-year evaluations, you’ll have your successes documented.”

Jennifer is optimistic about the future of Walmart and her role in Transportation.

“I could not imagine working for any other company. Ours are the best drivers on the road. I’m so thankful for their level of professionalism and focus on safety,” she shares. “Walmart is the best of the best, and I’m so glad to be part of the team.”