His Story of Success

Career Path

Tanner Humphreys found his professional passion through Live Better U and the HOPE program.

When Tanner Humphreys joined Walmart in 2016, he had two goals: To earn his college degree without going into debt and find a job he loves in a field that he’s passionate about.

Spoiler alert: Walmart helped him achieve both goals. Here’s the story.

When Tanner needed part-time work to help pay for college, he landed on an overnight remodel crew at Walmart Supercenter 1995 in Chubbuck, Idaho. That temporary position led to a full-time position unloading trucks, organizing grocery and stocking shelves.

As he struggled to balance work, school and life, Tanner moved from online grocery pickup to the bakery to automotive.

“I wanted to do everything I could to avoid taking on debt,” Tanner recalls. He even left Walmart briefly for another job that promised a better balance. He soon returned to Walmart after realizing the job wasn’t a good fit.

“It's incredible to see the number of opportunities that exist within Walmart.” –Tanner Humphreys

It was during his second Walmart job orientation that he learned about a life-changing resource: Live Better U. Free tuition and books?! What could be better? Tanner enrolled and studied hard.

“It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” he says.

A New Direction

In late 2021, Tanner was finishing his computer science degree and starting to look for jobs in the field. He wanted to stay with the company that had invested so much in him, but he didn’t see a way to use his degree in the store setting. Tanner wasn’t sure where to turn.

That changed when he received an email about the Home Office Pathway Experience (HOPE) program.

Through the HOPE program, associates with a college degree can apply for open positions at Walmart’s Home Office. Those accepted complete an internship and if all goes well, they might get a job offer.

Tanner applied and got an internship with the Security Operations Center (SOC) as an intrusion analyst. Walmart’s SOC team works to prevent loss of data and misuse of company assets.

To start his internship, Tanner visited Walmart’s Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. “The HOPE program was 100% fantastic. I loved every minute of it!”

New Ideas and Opportunities

During his internship, Tanner completed a project for the SOC. His mentor, Michael Montecillo, guided him on what the company wanted. Tanner used the company’s computer network incident logs to build an automated workflow and create a self-updating, dynamic incident dashboard. It helps the company track network events and report key metrics.

Tanner’s project was a huge success! As a result, he transitioned his internship as an intrusion analyst into a new job. Tanner, his wife, Kayli, and their baby, Oliver, moved from Idaho to Arkansas in October 2022. “One thing I love about this job is that I’m constantly learning new skills.”

“I wanted to graduate debt-free with a degree in something that I'm passionate about. Walmart made that possible,” he says. “My other goal was finding a job that I love. Walmart provided that opportunity,” Tanner continues. “It's incredible to see the number of opportunities that exist within Walmart.”

“I wish more people would take advantage of Live Better U and the other benefits Walmart provides,” Tanner says. “If you have questions about the opportunities Walmart offers to associates, reach out. Get involved. Ask around. Follow your dreams!”