7 Questions With Victoria Pratt

Career Path

Victoria’s never encountered a challenge she wasn’t ready to take on! 

Victoria Pratt is a digital operations lead in Market 479 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. She’s had a long, successful career at Sam’s Club and Walmart. So it’s no surprise that she’s one of several folks featured in Walmart’s “The Floor Is Not the Ceiling” campaign, which highlights associates with spectacular career growth. Victoria enjoyed appearing in the ad, saying it was “kind of like getting together with old friends,” since she knows many of the other stars in the campaign from regional Zoom meetings. 

What ad campaigns and Zoom meetings can’t quite capture about Victoria is her passion and drive. She admits, she prefers a fast pace and loves a challenge—and that made her the perfect candidate for, well, all kinds of roles! Victoria has shown again and again that she isn’t afraid to dive into new positions where she can learn and grow.

Walmart World got a chance to talk with Victoria about her growth.

1. What role did you start in?

I started with Sam’s Club in 1989. At that time, every new hire had to sell memberships as the club was being built. I first applied for an accounting role. But, after watching me sell memberships, the club manager made me head checkout supervisor instead. He said, “You are one bossy woman, and that's what we need to run that entire front end.” So that’s where it all started! I just had a passion for it. I’m a fast-paced person, and that was a fast-paced job.

I was a team lead for seven years. Then I realized I needed to make more money to put my boys through college. I applied for an area manager position and was promoted through four other positions before I became a territory sales manager.

In 2018, I came to Walmart, where my job is still challenging and still exciting!

2. How was your transition from territory sales manager for Sam's Club to the digital at Walmart?

It was definitely challenging! But I love to learn new things, and I knew that digital was the future. I accomplished a lot at Sam’s Club. I had won quite a few awards. I even won Membership Market Manager of the Year for the entire company! My perseverance and experience managing projects and clubs for Sam’s helped me secure the job with Walmart.

Ashley Sanderson and Kim Cisneros both came over to Walmart as digital market leads. They shared that it would be the most challenging job I would ever love. And that I would constantly be learning. And they were right. The acronyms alone are mind-boggling! I love a challenge, and I was excited to tackle this one.

3. Describe your role as a Walmart digital operations lead.

I'm responsible for the digital side of the business for the 10 stores in Market 479. I’m a partner to the market manager. I implement and manage digital projects, train and develop associates on digital initiatives and communicate any updates. This includes online order pickup and delivery, in-home delivery, ship from store and Walmart+ services. 

4. What makes Walmart a unique place to grow your career?

You're not limited by your level of education. That is a big deal to me. I'm a high school graduate. You don't have to have a college degree to do more and be more with this company. Walmart offers you training, development and encouragement. And with Live Better U, you can get that college degree as well. I don't know of any other company that offers all of that. 

5. How would you describe your leadership style? 

I try to be firm, fair and consistent. I train store managers and their digital coaches on digital initiatives, and develop competitions to motivate associates. I am transparent. I ask direct questions. And if you don't know the answer, then I will help you get there. Trust is really important in my role. 

6. What do you share with new associates?

I tell them my story. When I started, I just wanted a good job with good benefits. As leaders shared their stories, my aspirations got bigger. I tell new associates, “You can do this, too.” You just have to aspire and pick a mentor that you admire—and ask if they will mentor you.

7. What do you love most about your job?

The people! Being able to teach and develop people and see them take pride in their work as they learn. That's the most rewarding part for me.