Sisters From Sam’s, Together Again

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Meet the sisters who enjoyed an unexpected reunion at Associates Week 2023!

Associates Week brings people from all over the world together to forge new friendships. But those connections aren’t always new — sometimes they’re old, and long overdue.

Sisters and Sam’s Club associates Tona Brown and Nikki Hyde are the perfect example. The duo grew up together, but between the pandemic and the natural rhythm of their lives, they hadn’t seen one another in five whole years! Associates Week 2023 changed that.

A long-awaited reunion

“When I learned we were both going to be able to go, we just about hit the ceiling — and you know how high the ceilings in Sam’s Clubs are,” Tona says with a smile. “We didn’t think it could be real!”

The sisters were overjoyed to be reunited, not just to see one another again, but to share in the experience that is Associates Week. Tona returned to Club 6458 in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Nikki to Club 6366 in Vestal, New York. But each took with them a new perspective on working at Walmart.

“I came home with the energy of all energies,” Nikki says. “I started this job part-time 16 years ago to get me through Christmas. And here I am today!”

Tona shares that sentiment with her sister, summing it up beautifully: “If I could have yelled ‘thank you’ over a microphone that week, I would have totally done it.”

Roommates once again

The chance to reunite and share a room on the University of Arkansas campus felt like old times — a reminder of everything they’ve been through together. That’s because Nikki and Tona aren’t biological sisters. They met in an orphanage at a young age and immediately formed a deep bond before being adopted by the same family.

two women hugging and smiling at the camera

For both women, this aspect of their upbringing made Associates Week even more special. “It was just wonderful,” Nikki says. “We did so much together. We were able to hang out during the Home Office tour because we’re in the same region. We ate all our meals together, and we even sat together during the concert!”

Jobs to careers

It isn’t just for the family reunion that Tona and Nikki were asked to represent their clubs at Associates Week: The pair are also stellar associates.

Tona has been at Club 6458 for 30 years! She’s seen how a job can become a career.

“You have the opportunity to work all around the club,” Tona shares. “When I started, I was a part-time cashier, but immediately, I started looking for other ways to help and once I did that, I think management saw my potential. I’ve worked all over the Club, from the membership desk to receiving, back up to the front-end. There are so many options!”

Nikki has learned a lot in her 16 years too. “Work all four walls,” she advises. “Your job is never just your job! I’m not just a merchandiser. I help curbside, or if bakery has a big order, I go package!”

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