Walmart’s First Female Store Manager Retires After 48 Years


We look back at the career of trailblazer Jane Marshall.

After nearly 50 years working at Walmart, Jane Marshall is retiring on July 29, 2023. Her record of service is no doubt impressive, but there’s something else that makes this store manager’s story exceptional.

Jane was Walmart’s first female store manager.


Jane’s story sounds a lot like that of many associates: She started with the company to make extra money but never really envisioned it as a long-term career. She was in her last year of college and had big plans for her future. “I had no intention to stay with Walmart at all,” she says.

She began as a cashier and soon moved into the store’s apparel section. She came up with an innovative idea to sort the apparel by category and color, which got her noticed by leadership.

From there, her career took off. Year by year, she moved from hourly roles up through the ranks and became an assistant manager. Eventually, she was asked to manage her own store.

At first Jane was little reluctant to take the store manager role. She already felt fulfilled as an assistant manager and loved the people she worked with every day. Then again, Jane also loves a challenge, so she took the role.

Leadership had advised her the new store she was charged with probably wouldn’t turn a profit for the first five years. But Jane made it happen in just two.

“I became a manager at a time when there were no female managers.” — Jane Marshall, Walmart Store Manager

“The best part of this career has been the associates that I have had the privilege of working with and the customers that I have been able to serve,” she says.

While there was the occasional hiccup — customers looking at her and saying they didn’t want to speak to her but rather to the manager — Jane described being treated with unwavering fairness and respect by the Walmart community.

“I appreciate all those people in the past that have always supported me,” says Jane, who retires as store manager of Store 20 in Clinton, Missouri.

Thank you for your service Jane — and enjoy your retirement!