Driver Pam Miller Says Walmart Is Family

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She's growing her driving career and finding ways to give back.

Pam Miller had her first taste of life on the road when she was a little girl. Her father owned a trucking company and she used to ride with him. (She even recalls sneaking into his truck cab one night. She slept behind the driver’s seat and “surprised” her father three hours into his trip the next morning!)

After high school she told her dad she wasn’t joining the family business. She had her sights set on a job in electronics. But as the economy and her goals shifted, Pam found her way back to trucking and, for almost 25 years, she’s been the one in the driver’s seat.

Pam started driving as an owner-operator for years. Then, in 2017 she joined the Walmart fleet based out of Shelby, North Carolina. She only wishes she had joined sooner. “Walmart has so many opportunities for drivers and associates if they want to strive for it,” she says.

“It's a good company. If someone wanted to drive for Walmart, I'd tell them: Hurry up and put your application in!”

Since starting with Walmart, Pam has progressed to become a driver mentor, a Certified Driver Trainer and a Driver Ambassador: all the roles that help our fleet remain the best of the best.

She’s also found a new family. “Once I got to Walmart, I fell in love with everybody, and everybody loves me,” she says. “They're all part of my family.”

The power of her Walmart family

Pam’s Walmart family was there for her when her older sister, Dottie, passed away. 

“Dottie was my heart,” Pam explains. When Dottie was diagnosed with stomach cancer, her world turned upside down.

That’s when Pam’s operation manager, Michelle McCall, committed her support. “She said to me, ‘Whatever you need, just let me know. We’ll be there.’”

And she meant it. That support made all the difference.

“No other company would be there for you as much as Walmart was there for me when my sister passed,” Pam says. “Michelle has been my rock when things go up and down in my life.”

Pam also used Walmart’s mental health benefits to help her through her loss.

“Walmart gave me the time to grieve,” Pam says.

More to give, for the kids

Pam cares deeply about kids and is both a foster mother and an adoptive mother. After losing Dottie, she decided she had even more to give. She got involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

“Being around kids keeps me younger. It keeps me going.”

Through Walmart, Pam takes part in community events, “especially when there's kids involved.” She volunteers for her local Special Olympics and recently participated in Career Day at Burns Middle School where she inspired students with lively tales about driving for Walmart.

“I am appreciative for Walmart letting me step up to the plate,” Pam says. “I love Walmart!”

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