Changing Lanes in His Career

Career Path

Erick recently joined Walmart’s private fleet, thanks to a new training program.

Erick in the drivers seat of a Walmart truck

When Erick Roig heard about Walmart’s Associate-to-Driver program, he jumped at the opportunity to try something new at the company he loves. He didn’t have any experience driving trucks, but he knew Walmart’s experienced drivers and trainers would teach him everything he needed to know.

The Associate-to-Driver program is part of Walmart’s Fleet Development program. It gives associates working in stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation offices in participating locations the chance to take part in an extensive 12-week training program.

Here’s what Erick had to say about the program.

Many apply, but only a few are selected

Erick was an order filler out of Fulfillment Center 8905 in Davenport, Florida, and had been with Walmart for two years. He says hundreds of associates in his region applied for the program. Of those, only six got interviews and only three were enrolled.

“I’m a hard worker,” Erick says of the selection process. “I always stay ’til the end.”

From A to Z, associates learn it all

The 12-week program gives associates everything they need to become a Walmart driver. Erick explains that in the first month, students work toward getting their CDL license. After that, they spent a few weeks learning with a Walmart certified driver-trainer. The remaining time was focused on the “Walmart Way” training, which covered things like an extensive pre-trip checklist that our drivers use to make sure they’re safe on the road.

Like many new big rig drivers, Erick says one of the hardest things to learn was backing up. “Everybody struggles when it comes to backing,” he shares. “If you want to go right, you’ve got to turn left. If you want to go left, you’ve got to turn right.”

Extended guidance

Erick graduated from the Associate-to-Driver program in early November and is now working out of Transportation Office 6020 in Brooksville, Florida. (Check out the sweet surprise at his graduation ceremony!)

Since graduation, Erick has been on the road with a trainer, running regular routes in Region 6. In January, he made his first solo trip. “It went good,” he says, admitting “I was nervous but excited at the same time.”

He’ll get a few more months with the trainer, who provides guidance, feedback and tips, and then he’ll be out on his own.

For the family

Erick is eager to see how this new job at Walmart can help him provide for his family. They’re all getting used to his long days on the road, and Erick believes this was a smart career shift. He considers Walmart “the best company in the world.”

“I’m going to retire from here to be honest,” he shares. 

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